Medeco Locks, Deadbolts & Keys

Airdrie Lock & Key and Medeco Locks

Why you should install Medeco Locks and Keys

One of the biggest problems with unauthorized entry is the duplication of common keys which can be done by any lock shop, hardware store, big box lumber stores, etc. With Medeco High Security Restricted Locks and Keys, duplication is virtually impossible as only the dealer that you purchased your locks and keys from can duplicate the keys and there are very strict controls in place to prevent anyone but the person or persons who signed for the keys to have them copied. Signed forms and identification are necessary for duplication of keys.

Medeco locks are one of the strongest locks on the market today. Independent tests done by Consumer Magazine rated them as number one in the industry. They are one of the few locks to receive the highest security level of ULC labeling.

Medeco locks are also virtually pick proof. Even certified locksmiths cannot pick open these locks for unauthorized entry.

Medeceo locks has the largest array of replacement cylinder to fit all most all commercial and residential locks on the market today. You can have the peace of mind of key restriction and pick proof cylinders without having to replace all your lock hard ware in the building. Medeco also makes complete lock hardware that is superior to most locks in the market today if you want the best and most complete security for your building or house.

Medeco locks has one of the best padlocks selection, from the super tough high strength steel to the corrosion resistant models. They all come with restricted keys and the pick proof qualities.

Medeco Locks are used and recommended in many government and other high security locations. They are in universities and colleges all over North America. They are also in numerous commercial, institutional, and residential locations. They are the number one seller of high security locks in North America.

Medeco Locks are the only High Security Locks manufactured in North America. They are manufactured in Salem, Virginia and they have a Canadian warehouse in Ontario.